Seforah Benhamou
Auteure - Coach depuis 2001
Pour les personnes et les animaux à Neuilly-Paris la Défense.


"You are the leader of your own life. What you need is someone who pushes you forward, not someone who holds you back"

Shiatsu massage

What is it?

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage. It consists in applying pressures, with the thumbs, hands and sometimes the elbows, on the body meridians of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The patient lies on a futon installed on the floor or sits on an appropriate chair. He is always dressed in soft, comfortable clothing.


What are the benefits?

Shiatsu realigns both the surface and deep pathways of the energy circulation. It clears the energy blockages, which results in calming muscular tensions or messy organic functioning, as well as psychic disorders. It releases the mind from obsessions and parasitic thoughts. To conclude, shiatsu is a wonderful booster of the general metabolism. The benefits can be felt at the end of the session or the day after, and for several weeks if you receive these treatments regularly.  I have also created a new protocol "Shiatsu-Energy", which adds foot reflexology with essential oils, for a super energizing treatment producing wonderful immediate results. Suitable for children and pregnant women (without essential oils)

Pain ? Fatigue ? Digestion ? Feeling low?... Call and leave your details, I'll call you back!

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Reiki and Hands-on-healing

What is it?

Bio-magnetism and Reiki are energetic approaches using the laying on of hands. They work with the electro-magnetic fields that every living body produces, and allow the rebalancing of cellular exchanges. The organs and the nervous system’s functioning are therefore enhanced.


Fields of intervention :

I work with Bio-magnetism or Reiki on insomnia, anxiety, stress and burnouts, on depression episodes, skin problems, pain, or to support a diet or a desire for maternity. Concerning persons with long-term illness, it helps regain the energy and vitality that contribute to recovery and healing. This list is not exhaustive.

 Bio-magnetism is suitable for children and pregnant women.


What are the benefits?

Energy treatments will ease anxiety and promote micro-electrical interchanges in the system, so that your body can do its work, which consists in self-healing and metabolic recovery. I practice the Japanese form of Reiki, which is in my opinion, perhaps more demanding, but more precise than its western version.

I also offer a 5-session empowerment work by cleansing and re-programming the aura : How to attract the right people, the right events for a more fulfilled life. This is amazing if you want to change and realign your charisma and go for a next level empowerment in your life.


You can also join my trainings and discover your talents, they belong to Nature!

Sophrology, a short-term therapy

What is sophrology?

In a nutshell, Sophrology is a short-term therapy - on average 8 to 12 sessions - which uses several resources:

  • Positive thinking and repetition of exercises to enter into the change-process
  • Conscious breathing to achieve calm
  • Imprinting through movement with physical exercises
  • Altered state of consciousness through sophronisations (induction by the therapist's speech) to achieve relaxation
  • The quantification of feelings and emotions
  • The integration of a positive change state, at the end of the protocol

I add, if necessary, a few sessions of Reiki or Shiatsu, which can clearly facilitate the achievement of the objective.


How are the sessions organized?

The first "discovery" session is a long intercourse where we set up the elements to come, in order to define and reach our goal. Then we can start the work. The session therefore lasts one hour and a half.


At the end of this session the overview is clearer and allows to really get into the treatment. This takes the form of a therapeutic contract indicating: the mutual commitments to reach the objective that we have set together, the number of sessions (which may be readjusted) and the budget. If you agree, we then set the dates for the entire protocol (they can of course be modified if necessary).


Why a therapeutic contract?

Because it is necessary and indispensable to reach the objective. If one or the other of the parties does not respect the process, the whole therapy is called into question. We cannot see the results if we don’t follow the necessary steps, or without being strongly involved.


What can be achieved at the end of the protocol?

First of all, 1 protocol = 1 objective. During the 1st session, we defined this objective, which must be

  • specific (one objective at a time)
  • measurable
  • achievable (we take into account your reality: professional and family context, emotional state ....)
  • realistic (taking into account the above elements)
  • temporal: how much time do you allow ourself to reach this objective

At the end of the protocol, as long as the therapeutic contract has been respected, we must have reached the goal. Don’t worry, during the sessions, the therapy we will adjusted, according to your progress and your ability to assimilate and implement the change.


Yes you can!

My fields of expertise

  • Self-confidence: reveal your inner queen/king!
  • Personal development
  • Change management to find your true "life path": for a leap forward in writing a new chapter in your professional and/or personal life
  • Enhance  your creativity

In addition, I also intervene on other fields improved by sophrology such as:

  • Children and students: anxiety during exams
  • Difficulties to concentrate
  • Tendency to addictions during anxious episodes
  • Anxiety and permanent stress
  • Uncontrolled and unreasonable fears
  • General angst without knowing the source

There are other recommendations to follow a sophrology therapy, for example the wish to stop an addiction such as smoking or snacking, anxiety during pregnancy or for the future father.... Let's talk about it.

Find your peaceful place
Don't worry, be happy!

Price list

Shiatsu massage 1 hour: €75

Reiki (book "soins énergétique" on Doctolib) 1 hour : €75

Sophrology 1st session 1 hour 30mn:  €95

Life Coaching 1 hour: €75

Coaching and mentoring: go to "achats en ligne" and choose "Le Fabuleux Coaching" or call me +33 6 20 79 51 67

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