Welcome to my Reiki and Meditation healing place

I have always been conscious that some invisible energy links all creatures. I first started healing with the hands when I was a toddler, with the sheep, hens and other animals of the farm. And I continued with people as I grew up. 

I now offer you both this special attention that I developed and all the knowledge that I acquired through my studies and experience. Reiki also known as hands-on-healing, Kabbalah meditations, and Naturopathy are the three pillars of my practice. Until the end of this year all the sessions will be online. I will meet you again in person at the beginning of 2025.

Seforah and the sheep

Distant healing

Distant healing can be surprising if you have never tried it. Even though no-one wonders how information and images can travel on wifi or blue tooth through the air to our cellphone... Travelling information always existed, even before humans created machines. And living creatures are wonderful receivers and transmitters. Healing travels with light particles. Once they are entangled it does not matter how far they are. They continue to be linked. This is how it works. So why not give it a try to solve your problem?

Kabbalah meditations

22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 4 letters in the Holy Name, just like the 22 pairs of chromosomes + 1 pair sexual, and 4 biochemical bases to make a human. Not a coincidence, but the laws of the universe. 

You don't need to follow a specific cult to practice. Just let the power of the letters transform you, realign you, like an epigenetic operation.

And from then on your entire life will shine with its best version. 

How to join the adventure?

- Twice a week we meet on video for 30mn, preferably early in the morning if you can. There is a special energy then. The meditations journey follows 4 steps: Cleansing, Purification, Installation,  and Action, which last at least 3 months and much more if you need to.

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Seforah Benhamou

Author, Reiki Master, Kabbalah Meditation guide and Naturopathic practitioner

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